Cooperator Programs

PNC Data Collection

The data collected through this program is used to provide a real time PNC Risk Assessment and decision support tool to all pecan growers.

To take part in this program, read the instructions below, then to go PNC Data Collection,

  1. Register as a member of Pecan ipmPIPE. If you registered in previous years, ignore this step. You will be sent a unique password to your email with instructions to activate your account.
  2. Once you have your password, log into the system. Your username/password will be saved between sessions on the same browser unless you log out. If you took part in the system last year, and have forgoten your password, you can retrieve it through the login link.
  3. Request to take part in the program by completing the online form. You may also wish to contact your local extension agent to discuss taking part in the program (see Coordinators link for list of program coordinators). You MUST provide a physical address.
  4. Wait for your request to be authorized by your local coordinator then begin collecting and reporting data using the Enter Data link.
Thank you for collecting PNC data. This award-winning program is a unique example of how information sharing and cooperation can benefit all pecan stakeholders.

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