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Developing, Delivering and Upgrading Pecan ipmPIPE on the Web internet, web Presentation Calixto, A., M. K. Harris, A. Birt, N. Lee, A. Dean, S. Dean
International Marketing pecans, Carya illinoinensis, international trade, marketing Proceedings article Childs, D
An Update on Hickory Shuckworm Research pecans, Carya illinoinensis, hickory shuckworm, Cydia caryana, pheromone traps, population size Proceedings article Collins, JK, Hedger, GH and Eikenbary, RD
Texas Pecan Integrated Pest Management Manual pecans, Carya illinoinensis, crop management, orchards, insect pests, disease prevention, vertebrate pests Extension publication Cooper, JN, Johnson, JD, McEachern, GR, and McWhorter, GM
Pecans and Human Health pecans, Carya illinoinensis, human health, blood lipids, cholesterol, triglycerols Proceedings article Dove, CR, Worley, RE, and Dove, SK
Interactions between Pecan Aphids, Ants and Lady Beetles in the Pecan Orchard pecans, Carya illinoinensis, Aphidoidea, beneficial insects Proceedings article Dutcher, J
Intercropping Pecan Orchards with Legumes: Entomological Implications pecans, Carya illinoinensis, natural enemies, intercropping, insecticide resistance, legumes Proceedings article Dutcher, J
Managing Pecan Aphids pecans, Carya illinoinensis, Aphidoidea, insect control Proceedings article Dutcher, J
Insects and Pecan Production pecans, Carya illinoinensis, insect control, crop production, pecan weevil, Curculio caryae, Aphidoidea Proceedings article Dutcher, J
Insect and Mite Monitoring Techniques pecans, Carya illinoinensis, insects, sampling, orchards, surveys, insect traps Proceedings article Ellis, HC
Pecan User Expectations pecans, Carya illinoinensis, consumer preferences, prices Proceedings article Florkowski, WJ
Marketing Pecans: Primary End Users and Consumption of Pecan Products pecans, Carya illinoinensis, nut products, consumer preferences, socioeconomic status Proceedings article Florkowski, WJ and Hubbard, EE
Pecan Marketing in the United States pecans, Carya illinoinensis, marketing, United States Proceedings article Florkowski, WJ and Hubbard, EE
Perception of Pecan Taste and the Importance of Pecan Flavor to the United States Consumers pecans, Carya illinoinensis, flavor, taste, household income, educational status, age, food choices Proceedings article Florkowski, WJ, Hubbard, EE and Elnagheeb, AH
Effects of Glyphosate Exposure on Young Pecan Trees pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant growth, yields, herbicides Proceedings article Foshee, WG, Goff, WD, and Patterson, MG