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Considerations in the Management of Pecan Diseases pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant diseases and disorders, pecan scab, Cladosporium caryigenum, fungal diseases of plants Proceedings article Reilly, CC
Commercial Pecans: Controlling Rosette, Diseases and Zinc Deficiency pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant diseases and disorders, zinc, deficiency diseases Extension publication Lee TA, Krausz JP
Effects of Glyphosate Exposure on Young Pecan Trees pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant growth, yields, herbicides Proceedings article Foshee, WG, Goff, WD, and Patterson, MG
Pecan Nutrition pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant nutrition, nutrients, fertilizer application Proceedings article Worley, RE
Insect-Plant Interactions within the Pecan Ecosystem pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant-insect interactions Proceedings article Smith, MT
Effect of the Pollen Parent on Fertilization Success pecans, Carya illinoinensis, pollen Proceedings article Marquard, RD
Edible Nut Market and Price Information pecans, Carya illinoinensis, prices, information, marketing Proceedings article Toth, G
1993 Pecan/Tree Nut Marketing Season: An Overview of Production, Prices and the Pecan Market Collapse pecans, Carya illinoinensis, prices, marketing, crop production Proceedings article Pena, JG
Meeting Grower Needs pecans, Carya illinoinensis, production functions, food quality, production costs Proceedings article Landgraf, S
Keys to Profitability for Commercial Pecans pecans, Carya illinoinensis, profitability, yields Proceedings article McEachern, GR
Development of Selection Criteria for Pecan Seedstocks pecans, Carya illinoinensis, rootstocks, seedlings, cultivars, selection criteria Proceedings article Grauke, LJ
Rootstock Development pecans, Carya illinoinensis, rootstocks, seedlings, soil heterogeneity, temperature Proceedings article Grauke, LJ and Thompson, TE
Water Quality Guidelines for Optimum Production of Surface-Irrigated Pecans: Salinity and Sodicity pecans, Carya illinoinensis, salt tolerance, infiltration (hydrology), leaching Proceedings article Miyamoto, S
Managing Rootstocks pecans, Carya illinoinensis, seedlings, biodiversity Proceedings article Grauke, LJ
Preliminary Investigations on Field Implementation of the Hickory Shuckworm Sex Pheromone pecans, Carya illinoinensis, sex pheromones, hickory shuckworm, Cydia caryana, insect pheromones Proceedings article McVay, JR, Hedger, GH and Eikenbary, RD