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2011 Texas State Pecan Show & Grading Demonstration pecan judging, grading demonstration Other Texas Pecan Growers Assn
1993 Pecan/Tree Nut Marketing Season: An Overview of Production, Prices and the Pecan Market Collapse pecans, Carya illinoinensis, prices, marketing, crop production Proceedings article Pena, JG
Life History and Control of the Pecan Nut Case Bearer: (Acrobasis caryae, Grote) pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella, control methods, insect pests, life history, pecans, Carya illinoinensis, lead arsenate Other Bilsing, S W
Edible Nut Market and Price Information pecans, Carya illinoinensis, prices, information, marketing Proceedings article Toth, G