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Pecan Genetics and Improvement pecans, Carya illinoinensis, genetics, crop yield Abstract none Proceedings article Thompson, TE
Pecan Foliar Spray Programs, Patterns and Materials in Texas pecans, Carya illinoinensis, zinc, pesticides, fungicides, insect pests, plant diseases and disorders Proceedings article Harris, MK and Dean, DA
Pecan Domestication and Pecan Arthropods pecans, Carya illinoinensis, insect pests, arthropod pests, crop production, spatial distribution Journal article Harris, MK
Pecan Arthropod Management pecans, Carya illinoinensis, insect control, insect pests, crop management, history, arthropod pests Proceedings article Harris, MK
Pecan Anthracnose: Reoccurrence of an Old Problem pecans, Carya illinoinensis, anthracnose, Glomerella cingulata Proceedings article Brenneman, TB
Organic Pecan Production pecans, Carya illinoinensis, organic, crop management Extension Publication Wells, L., Conner, P., Brock, J., Hudson, W.
Orchard Floor Management in Pecans pecans, Carya illinoinensis, orchards, forest litter Extension publication Mitchem WE, Parker ML
Orchard Floor Crops Affect Growth of Young Pecan Trees pecans, Carya illinoinensis, cover crops, tree growth, orchards Journal article Foshee, WG, Goff, WD, Patterson, MG and Ball, DM
Old Grove, New Potential pecans, Carya illinoinensis, native species, consumer demand, crop production, orchards, crop management, pest management Journal article Rohla, C
Nitrogen Cycling and Implications for Management pecans, Carya illinoinensis, soil nutrient balance Proceedings article Lindemann, WC, Herrera, EA, and Kraimer, RA
Meeting Grower Needs pecans, Carya illinoinensis, production functions, food quality, production costs Proceedings article Landgraf, S
Marketing Pecans: Primary End Users and Consumption of Pecan Products pecans, Carya illinoinensis, nut products, consumer preferences, socioeconomic status Proceedings article Florkowski, WJ and Hubbard, EE
Marketing Pecans: Preparing a Marketing Plan pecans, Carya illinoinensis, marketing, marketing strategies Proceedings article Pena, JG and Stein, LA
Marketing Health Attributes of Pecans pecans, Carya illinoinensis, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, monounsaturated fatty acids, tocopherols, check-off programs Proceedings article Storey, JB, Sistrunk, L, and Zammit, R
Managing the Pecan Nut Casebearer pecans, Carya illinoinensis, insect control, pheromone traps, pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella Proceedings article Ree, W