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An Introduction to Pecan ipmPIPE pecans, Carya illinoinensis, Internet resource Brochure Calixto, A
An Update on Hickory Shuckworm Research pecans, Carya illinoinensis, hickory shuckworm, Cydia caryana, pheromone traps, population size Proceedings article Collins, JK, Hedger, GH and Eikenbary, RD
Aphid-Host Plant Interactions in Pecan pecans, Carya illinoinensis, blackmargined aphid, Monellia caryella, yellow pecan aphid, Monelliopsis pecanis, black pecan aphid, Melanocallis caryaefoliae, plant-insect relations Proceedings article Smith, MT
Benefits of Good Orchard Floor Management on the Growth and Production of Young Pecan Trees in the Southeast pecans, Carya illinoinensis, tree yields, crop production, crop management Proceedings article Patterson, MG and Goff, WD
Biology and Management of the Pecan Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Curculio caryae, Carya illinoinensis, pecan, integrated orchard management, weevil monitoring Journal article Mulder, Phillip G, Harris, Marvin K, Grantham, Richard A
Breeding Improved Pecan Scion Cultivars pecans, Carya illinoinensis, cultivars, plant breeding Proceedings article Thompson, TE and Grauke, LJ
Challenges and Prospects for Developing Pecan Cultivars with Lasting Resistance to Crop-Limiting Diseases pecans, Carya illinoinensis, cultivars, pecan scab, Cladosporium caryigenum, hybridization, disease resistance Proceedings article Graves, CH and Diehl, S
Checklist of parasites of the pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella Neunzig (= A. caryae Grote), and other hosts for biocontrol and quarantine purposes pecan nut casebearer, pecan nut casebearer parasites, casebearer, parasite Other Harris M, Li T
Commercial Pecans: Controlling Rosette, Diseases and Zinc Deficiency pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant diseases and disorders, zinc, deficiency diseases Extension publication Lee TA, Krausz JP
Conducting and Implementing Research in Production Agriculture: A University Bench Scientists View pecans, Carya illinoinensis, agricultural research, Morrill Land-Grant College Act of 1862 Other Harris, MK, and Hamman, PJ
Considerations in the Management of Pecan Diseases pecans, Carya illinoinensis, plant diseases and disorders, pecan scab, Cladosporium caryigenum, fungal diseases of plants Proceedings article Reilly, CC
Consumer Sensory Evaluation of Pecans pecans, Carya illinoinensis, oleic acid, linoleic acid, sensory evaluation, supercritical fluid extraction, food storage, nut oils Proceedings article Knight, S
Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer pecans, Carya illinoinensis, pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella Extension publication Knutson A, Ree W
Controlling the Pecan Nut Casebearer - Spanish pecans, pacanas, Carya illinoinensis, pecan nut casebearer, Acrobasis nuxvorella Extension publication Knutson A, Ree W
Controlling the Pecan Weevil pecans, Carya illinoinensis, pecan weevil, Curculio caryae Extension publication Ree W, Knutson A, Harris M