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What is GIS ?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) displays spatially referenced (i.e., related to a specific geographic area) data in the form of maps. Multiple layers of data can be assembled to provide a collection of data on many different parameters for a location.

Map Layers

Data Descriptions


The Winegrowing Regions of Texas has assembled data layers on key viticultural characteristics of climate, topography, and soils for each of the eight AVA of Texas. This interactive GIS can be used to obtain an overview of viticultural characteristics within an AVA and to explore the data for any specific location within an AVA.

Help: GIS Usage

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Bell Mountain
Escondido Valley
Fredericksburg (THC)
Mesilla Valley
Texas Davis Mountains
Texas Hill Country
Texas High Plains

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Texas High Plains Texas Hill Country Texoma Mesilla Valley Escondido Valley Fredericksburg (THC) Bell Mountain Texas Davis Mountains

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