Pesticides for Pecan

DISCLAIMER: This insecticide information is provided as an initial reference for products "labeled" for pecans, but not necessarily recommended. The insecticide applicator must read and follow all current label directions for the specific insecticide being used. The label is the governing document. No endorsement is intended for products mentioned, nor is criticism meant for products not included. The authors assume no liability resulting from the use of this information. Please consult your local IPM agent for additional information.

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Total Records (247)
Product Chemical (AI) Labeled Pests OMRI Listed
Bug-N-Sluggo iron phosphate Yes
Mustang zeta-cypermethrin No
Couraze 4F imidacloprid aphid, leaf hopper, spittle bug No
Midash Forte imidacloprid aphids No
Beleaf 50SG flonicamid aphids No
Closer sulfoxaflor aphids No
Midash 2SC imidacloprid aphids No
Requiem EC Chenopodium ambrosioides aphids No
Mainspring cyantraniliprole aphids No
Lorsban 75WG chlorpyrifos aphids (mixed with pyrethroid), hickory shuckworm, fall webworm, pecan nut casebearer, phylloxera No
Debug fats and glyceridic oils aphids, casebearers, mites, phylloxera, weevils Yes
Tersus pyrethrins aphids, caterpillars, webworms, stink bugs No
Azera combo product: azadirachtin + pyrethrins aphids, fall webworm, hickory shuckworm, pecan nut casebearer, walnut caterpillar, pecan weevil, twig girdler, serpintine leafminer, leafffooted bug Yes
PyGanic EC 1.4 pyrethrins aphids, fall webworm, red imported fire ant, stink bug, caterpillars Yes
Evergreen Crop Protection EC 60-6 combo product: pyrethrins + piperonyl butoxide aphids, fall webworm, stink bug No